Thurston-Lewis-Mason Central Labor Council
Updated On: Nov 17, 2021

AFSCME 3758, representing members at Timberland Regional Library, provided us with this list of four good reasons why their members should get involved, but the reasons apply to why YOU should get involved, too:

  1. Build relationships with both public and private sector Union Locals in your area: Locals participate by sending member delegates to CLC meetings, where Locals address issues and actions in support of Labor and working people.

  2. Participate in political action at the grassroots level:
    CLCs may interview candidates for local elected offices, and provide endorsements & campaign contribution to labor-friendly candidates and ballot issues. (Non-partisan and bipartisan)

  3. Local members support it through their dues:
    Locals have a built-in opportunity to add their voice to this coalition and help promote change!

  4. Support your communities and promote goodwill for organized labor:CLCs offer help to their communities in times of need, or call on their member locals to promote a civic project, such as The Monument for the Girls, in Lewis County.

Contact Info
Thurston-Lewis-Mason Central Labor Council
PO Box 66
Olympia, WA 98507

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